“Warm Greetings from Dr.A.Kanchana, Principal, Indo American College”

Indeed my great pleasure to welcome IAC-ALUMNs to the online home of IAC!

I have the great fortune of being appointed the Head of IAC-Alumini Association. I am truly excited about the opportunity to work with the IAC ALUMNNS!

I appreciate this idea of Alumni, exactly colorful of our feeling and creates a special bonding between the students who have passed out & who have established themselves already in the big, outside world.

Once in a while, right in the middle of an ordinary life, promotion of Alumini association is an important milestone and may lead us to get advancement in life. It enables us to take stock of our past and reflect on our future with optimism and determination.

Dear alumns, your college life is the beginning of your self-definition process which has given


“In this bright future you can’t forget your past.”

With great enthusiasm and excitement you remember your first day in college when you entered with hopeful eyes, bidding a farewell to your school days, and the kind hearted, bright, and cheerful smiles of your teachers with open arms, warmly welcomed you to new beginnings, introducing your classmates who replaced the comfort zones of your schoolings and that perpetual connection of belongingness is today proved by your priceless occurrence here. Those occasional class bunks, canteen gossips, late night studies and hostel fun, life mantras from teachers and countless other memories are about to stay in your minds forever. Fests organizations and extra-curricular activities organized by the college would have increased your exposure and made you confident and helped you a lot in striving and becoming what you are today. The wide range of tasks performed by you has given you a sense of responsibility towards your society and raised your conscience. Not only has this institution given you a tremendous learning experience, but has also given you a chance to participate in various social and cultural events. Leaving aside the non-scholastic activities, the lessons taught by your proficient professors have given you indispensable knowledge and guidance throughout your life.

The goodwill of this institution has grown and groomed every single day because of the benchmark set by the bright, highly ambitious and committed graduates like you who have done well in their respective careers. But, we are not limited to this; our commitment is something deeper and more pervasive, which requires a lot of introspection. IAC has not left any stone unturned in making its students good human beings and worthy citizens. From moral values to public speaking to self-defence, all qualities and attributes have been inculcated in you. Therefore, an institution’s reputation rests not only on its administration and teaching staff, but also on the achievements and developments of its students. We are extremely honored and privileged that you have been an asset to your institution and will always remain in our hearts forever.

Every student who passes through IAC will surely realize his / her dreams and make a positive impact on the community in particular and the world in general. As you all are in a completely different world now after stepping out of your college days, you will get to learn many lessons in life. I wish you the courage and patience to deal with the struggles and come out to be stronger and more determined.

Finally, I would like to applause the numerous roles played by you in the society. Many of you hold the key positions of major influence in the society; I would like to appreciate your pains being done for the development of our society and justifying the years spent by you at this esteemed institution.

All thanks to your respected Management, Principal and Teachers! Without these dignitaries it would not have been possible to tread such a great path, isn’t it?

Time went on & college life became one of the best experiences, what an excitement do those memories bring to you?
Dear alumons, we are eager to hear from you how all this has really benefitted you and what the Institution has turned out is for you.
So, here we welcome you all to this web page share your experiences, your success story or whatever you feel like regarding the college.
May you get to achieve your goals and become victorious in every sphere of life!
May You Be Always Blessed

So my dear IAC-ALumnNS!

  •   The Association is established to improve networking between the present and future alumni on a common platform on a Continuing basis
  •   To uphold an up-to-date register of alumni of the Institute with their qualifications and addresses
  •   To associate with the Institute for arranging and holding annual re-union of the past and present students
  •   To help the Institute to organize national and international seminars/congresses/workshops/conferences/symposia of science, arts and technology to reinforce the knowledge
  •   To target cooperatively and confirm that the Institute is recognized as an Institute of National Importance to further the cause of scientific research and post-graduate studies
  •   To endorse continuing professional/academic development by drawing support from achievers amongst the alumni in their respective fields
I also invite you to join us in shaping the association for this milestone year and future years. You can participate by applying to join the Alumni Council or by volunteering to serve as an Affiliate Member.
Stay tuned as we roll out an exciting line up of events. So mark your calendars to be back on campus to join us for the events when the Alumni Association will also honor our Distinguished Alumni as part of the festivities.

Wishing you all the best…!